The King of Pop Allowed R&B Female Group SWV To Sample ‘Human Nature’—For Free

6 hours ago
Taylor Berry

Michael Jackson loved their version so much that he gifted the hit song to them. 💕

Former State Official Pleads Guilty In Welfare Case In Which Brett Favre’s Project Received $1M

John Davis additionally pleaded guilty to five counts of conspiracy and 13 counts of fraud in Hinds County, District Attorney…

15 hours ago

Missing South Carolina Woman Found Dead In Department Store Bathroom

She was reportedly dead for four days before her body was discovered.

15 hours ago

Floyd Mayweather Confirmed Rematch Against Conor McGregor Next Year

Mayweather whooped McGregor in their first fight!

2 days ago

A Philadelphia Emergency Medical Worker Dies After Being Crushed By Two Ambulance Vehicles

Nisha Jaia Renee Dash worked a shift as an emergency medical technician that Saturday in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

2 days ago

Black Alabama Pastor Arrested For Watering Neighbor’s Flowers Files Lawsuit Against Police

In the suit, Jennings alleged that officers Christopher Smith and Justin Gable, Sgt. Jeremy Brooks and Childersburg violated rights protecting…

3 days ago

Shaquille O’Neal Got His Master’s Degree So He Wouldn’t Be Talked Down On In Business Meetings

Shaq emphasized how important education is to get people to take you seriously as an entrepreneur; he used those skills…

3 days ago

A Remarkable Moment In Black History: Birmingham Church Bombing Survivor Reunited With Nurse Who Looked After Her

Sarah Collins-Rudolph was rescued by Samuel Rutledge, a deacon at the Sixteenth Street Church. The bombing damaged her mentality, causing…

3 days ago