Former Police Officer David Dukes Fired In South Carolina For Stomping Clarence Gailyard’s Head

Former Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Officer David Dukes was arrested after stomping on 58-year-old Clarence Gailyard’s head and neck in Orangeburg, South Carolina, on July 26. The aptly named Dukes was charged with first-degree assault and battery, according to Ebony Magazine.

A 9-1-1 call regarding a man carrying a handgun prompted Dukes to go to an apartment complex. Upon seeing Gailyard and his cousin, Demario Julian, Dukes jumped out of the car and ordered them to lay on the ground.

The 58-year-old man, who walks with a cane, was further away from Dukes and also seemed confused by his presence. He tried to comply and got down on his hands and knees before Dukes kept yelling at him. The out-of-pocket cop then stomped his neck and head area, slamming Gailyard’s head into the cement. He handcuffed both men and claimed that Gailyard threw a gun into the bushes. The only thing found was the man’s grey walking stick.

Gailyard said that a female officer at the scene reported Dukes to the sergeant on duty after she witnessed Dukes’ use of force. The two men were free to go after law enforcement concluded the men hadn’t committed any crime.

The wayward cop was arrested on July 31.

Gailyard’s lawyer Justin Bamberg said that what Dukes did was unacceptable. Bamberg added that he wants all of the police footage released.

“When officer David Dukes goes and stomps on the back of Mr. Clarence’s head as he lay on the ground completely defenseless, the attitude that he shows is a reflection of the leadership,” said Bamberg. “And what we see is bad policing and unacceptable policing.”

The assault left Gailyard with a bloody knot on his forehead.

“Every time I look in the mirror and see the scar on my face, it is not OK,” said Gailyard. “I’m still in pain. I hope the pain goes away, but I don’t think the pain is going away right now.”

Dukes’ bond is a measly $10,000.

Niko Mann

Niko Mann is a Freelance Journalist for News Onyx and Sister2Sister. She lives in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter@niko1mann.