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New Orleans Police Department Suspends Highest-Ranking Officer Following Theft Investigation

Richardson was suspended for timesheet irregularities.

On Thursday, The New Orleans Police Department suspended and demoted their high-ranking female officer Sabrina Richardson.

Richardson was the captain of the Third Police District, serving Gentilly, Mid-City, and Lakeview. She began serving a 120-day, unpaid suspension on October 23 and was permanently demoted from captain to lieutenant.


The NOPD investigated her earlier this year, citing timesheet irregularities. Timesheets and security detail paperwork showed Richardson clocking into work at the NOPD while taking off-duty detail shifts.

Detail shifts are legal opportunities for off-duty officers to perform uniformed security work while still under the badge.

Richardson was taking on detail shifts while on the clock for NOPD, double-dipping into both paychecks.

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According to FOX 8, the investigation found “four years of payroll and off-duty detail records,” concluding that there were 26 instances of Richardson committing payroll fraud.

One example occurred in April last year when Richardson was paid $671 for 11 hours of work at Woldenberg Park. Before her shift ended, she was seen in the West Bank, on the clock with NOPD.

NOPD’s Skip Gallagher said, “This double-dipping issue, I just don’t get. You have a detail, and you’re working duty at the same time. This doesn’t make sense. And I think with officers who work a normal 40 hours a week, this just doesn’t happen.”

Friedman continued, “When the person responsible for this does this over and over again, which the police now admit occurred, and all they do is demote her, in a situation where she could conceivably be promoted again, for engaging in this kind of callous, clear violation, both of regulations and criminal law, to me, it’s pretty shocking that she wasn’t discharged.”

Before her role at the Third District, Richardson ironically worked for the NOPD’s Public Integrity Bureau. This Bureau typically investigates cases of police misconduct.


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