Tyrese Gifts Thousands To Families At John Gray’s Church, Vows To Pay $111,000 For Its Debt

R&B crooner and actor Tyrese gifted thousands to families in need at John Gray’s church and promised to pay $111,000 for its debt.

Tyrese, whose full name is Tyrese Gibson previously announced

he would give away $100 each to 60 families–$6,000 total–during a church service at Pastor John Gray’s Relentless Church in Atlanta. He added that he’d pay $111,000 towards the recently-opened church’s debt as it was set to be paid off by the end of the year, since it opened 2021.

“Something my father, would do… I’m going to church, and whoever shows up, I’m going to bless you cause you’re about to bless me [by] accepting my invite,” Tyrese initially wrote via Instagram on July 24.

He was reportedly overcome with grief following the passing of his long-time role model and mentor, songwriter and music educator Reggie Andrews. The Grammy-nominated singer and actor has credited his musical achievements to the guidance of the late musician over the years.

“I haven’t slept. I stayed up all night crying; my heart [is] so heavy because I’ve lost everyone who ever loved me. Here’s my cry for help…If you live in Atlanta and you can see this post come meet me at Relentless Church. I’m in a really bad place, and I need you to show up and fellowship with me…$100 dollars per family, $6,000 for 60 families.”

Tyrese reportedly followed up on his promise, as a churchgoer at Relentless Church claimed she witnessed his generous gesture.

“Tyrese got up to speak because he had the spirit of giving on his heart,” Erika Barnhill said. “He gave $6,000 for the church to disperse ($100 increments) to those in need.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the California native has a $6 million net worth which he earned

through his acting career, among other things. He previously starred in several blockbuster films, including Baby Boy (2001), the Fast and the Furious series (2009 – present), and the Transformers franchise (July 2007 – present).
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