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Ice Cube Continues Legal Battle Against Robinhood App

The company used Ice Cube's likeness without his permission.

Actor and rapper Ice Cube’s lawsuit against Robinhood has gotten heated. Cube originally filed the lawsuit on March 31 after Robinhood used his image and song lyrics in an advertisement to sell their product without his permission.

The stock-trading app contended that they have every right to use Cube’s phrase “Check Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self,” without permission because they claim it is a common slang phrase which they used as the parody, “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself.”


They also filed a motion to have Cube’s suit dismissed, claiming that he has no claim to copyrights.

Robinhood used a picture of Cube from the film Are We There Yet? along with the caption, “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself,” in an article about tech stocks falling.